Symphonity - Crimson Silk

Genre: Power Metal, Symphonic Metal; -

No member remains of the King of Persia (2016) era Symphonity, except founder, guitarist and songwriter Libor Křivák. And obviously replacing the two unique, world class voices that are Olaf Hayer and Herbie Langhans is no easy task, but Křivák heads into it like no one ever expected. Now, reviewing singles isn't really my jam, but reading all those comments on the latest Symphonity youtube video makes me need to say a few words in this song's defense. Someone said, "Herbie and Olaf had a great feel together. These two... not so much" and I'm fairly certain we did not hear the same song. But I’ll get to that.

Symphonity - Crimson Silk

Crimson Silk is pretty fire; building in lots of ways as it does on the sound the band adopted on the King of Persia album. Guitar driven, heavy and with some progressive touches it's built as a fairly standard power metal tune, but Křivák is a sneaky little bastard of a songwriter and tosses in his own twists and turns, and not only is there some sweet, gritty riffing to along with the melodic touch, as well as some pummeling bass lines to boot. Křivák also does some sweet solo battling with guest Marek Šmerda (Cradle of Filth). The keys add an oriental flourish to the sound, befitting the theme, with the intriguing sound and atmosphere covering the entire production. New vocalists Antonio Abate (Perseus) and Mayo Petranin (Castaway, ex- Signum Regis) do not get to fully shine on this song. Their performances are great with both standing out just the way their predecessors did before, but it is not what the Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime cover was to Hayer and Langhans, both getting their full cheese on while still letting it rip like nobody’s business.

Still, Petranin is dark and atmospheric in the verses, while they both let loose in full in the chorus, which has all the overblown, epic catchiness you’d expect. Abate’s more operatic sense lets the chorus soar, and he gives off a few high pitched wails as well. I was more than pleasantly surprised with this single; if Crimson Silk is a herald of more Marco Polo antics (read: Libor Křivák antics) to come, Symphonity should be more than a power to be reckoned with when their next offering is unleashed. Much like the youtube experts I didn't expect Symphonity's return without the talent that is Hayer, Langhans, Ronnie König and Ivo Hofmann to be this goddam sweet, but Křivák did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.



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